Thursday, June 6, 2013

The tables of bloodtypes


  1. Omg lol awesome comic! I can totally relate to ab and o.Its so hard to be organized all the time. Keep up the good work!^^

  2. maybe this is why i rarely keep notes, i prefer keep them in my mind. haha. anyway, my desk is actually super messy like type O's.

    1. or simple and tidy like ab, but unorganized inside.. ahaha. depends on my mood ._.

  3. I'm a B, but I often found that I act like AB-_- nevermind

  4. i'm O type, and my table is messier than that xD

  5. I'm A but i'm not like that :p they always said i'm like B/O/AB but not A.

  6. I'm O type but follow A type organization. My uncle AB was much more messy than usual with extra plastic boxes another corner.

  7. That moment when your A type but you act like B when your having fun and act like AB when your trying to show off

  8. Im ab and it's true

  9. Mine is AB, and I do the same thing RIGHT NOW in my room ahahahahaha like clean my room and get tidy but also have boxes contain junk, but I still can find what I wanna find in that boxes

  10. I'm actually o positive and the post is saying quite right.
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